Live Arrival Guarantee

Wicked Webz guarantees that every animal will arrive alive, healthy and as expected. In the event an animal arrives dead ("DOA"), we will replace it with the same species and size, or can offer store credit or refunds if no replacement is available. We will also pay for the shipment of replacements, but we do not refund shipping costs in the event a DOA animal is refunded. Free animals, sometimes called "freebies", are not eligible for live arrival guarantee. 

If an animal arrives alive but in unhealthy condition we will guarantee it for 7 days. All other LAG terms apply here. 

LAG claims must be made in writing within an hour of delivery or delivery attempt. In the event that buyer elects to pick up animal at a hub they must do so on the day it is made available. DOA claims in these cases may be made within 2 hours of pickup.